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The CAA Aviation Noise Impact Survey

The CAA has asked UKACC's to help encourage communities around airports to respond to its noise impact survey which was launched last week.

The CAA is looking at how it can influence the aviation industry’s noise performance, and is seeking feedback from people impacted by aviation noise to get a better understanding of what they would like the CAA to do about noise.  The CAA has published a survey which has been developed following discussion/input at the CAA’s new Community Discussion Forum.

The survey is aimed at members of the public who are annoyed by aviation noise and would like people to say what issues they feel the CAA should prioritise when it comes to acting to reduce noise. The CAA has stated that it is not going to be able to take on every issue, and it is currently looking at what it can do within its existing powers.  The results of the survey will give the CAA a better understanding of what the communities think it should be doing as the CAA develops its work programme.

Details can be found at:


The survey closes on 5 January 2018.