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Leigh-on-Sea Town Council 1996

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Leigh-on-Sea Town Council have worked hard to ensure that Leigh Community Centre can stay open and safe for visitors during the uncertain times of the pandemic; now that the legal restrictions for COVID are coming to an end, we have reviewed our policies to ensure that we are still keeping the building safe for visitors and staff. 

We have devised two comprehensive risk assessments for the use of the Centre regarding COVID-19, we will still continue to send these out to anyone hiring a room at the centre so they are aware of the measures in place. 

Room Hire Risk Assessment

The rooms in the Centre will continue to be "COVID" cleaned after every booking, and the communal areas will still be regularly cleaned to help minimise any potential spread. 

COVID Guidelines for Visiting Leigh Community Centre 

  • Whilst masks are no longer mandatory in the Centre, users are more than welcome to wear one if they feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.
  • We still encourage visitors to use our hand sanitising stations throughout their visit and/or to wash their hands on arrival. 
  • Please be mindful of what surfaces you touch whilst in the Centre, and keep this to a minimum, and where possible to retain an element of social distancing. 
  • Ensure any coughs or sneezes are caught in a tissue (or in your elbow) bin it and then wash your hands.