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Dorisarty is a collective of three local women, Claire Burgoyne, Emma Mills and Anne Pettenuzzo who have exhibited together over the last few years. This event showcases their work produced over the Covid years and 2022.


Anne's work is inspired by seasons, events and places.  Usually there is something about the colours and light or lack of it that appeals to me.  I want to capture what I felt at the moment I saw the image wherever it was - either inside or outside of my head or an atmosphere that was present at the time.


Claire Burgoyne's work is inspired by the sights, colours, shaped and thoughts during local walks around Leigh-On-Sea. She paints in oil, acrylic, 

watercolour and creates in yarn. Claire likes these mediums because of their bright, intense colour hues. She is also drawn to striking, flowing shapes and how these can effect emotions.


Emma Mills’ work has been inspired by the magical power of the number 7. It is stated in folklore and scientific research that the human body’s cells mostly replace themselves every seven to ten years. Our bodies are in a constant state of flux. Emma has set herself the task of drawing different parts of her body seven times in seven minutes. This ongoing series of work is a response to this decade of rapid changes by noticing small things and being present in microscopic acts of magic.