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Sat 1st Apr 2023

Leigh Town Council are extremely pleased to announce their new Artists in Residence for the next two years.

Both Judith Lyall and Dorisarty (Anne Pettenuzzo and Claire Burgoyne) are taking on the position, based in the studio space at Leigh Community Centre.

Judith’s passion is for painting on porcelain and now she is looking forward to promote the regrowth of this art form at Leigh Community Centre by painting in Cup of Leigh to gain interest for a small beginners class on 23rd May.

Dorisarty is named after a sea goddess and is managed by Anne and Claire, who will host an art discussion evening as their first Artist in Residence event on 11th May.

Everyone is more than welcome to have a first glimpse at the Council's new Artists in Residence shared exhibition from 1st of April at Leigh Community Centre.