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Siblings Art Exhibition

An Art exhibition "Sibling" of photographs by Cole Watkins and Nicola Parry is at Leigh Community Centre between 18th of November and 18th of December.


'We chose siblings as a subject for our first joint venture as we both find the relationships between family members can be incredibly interesting and diverse; by turns, loving, competitive, supportive or fractious. In some cases, the relationship can disappear altogether as adulthood sets in, for others that sibling bond will last a lifetime with brothers or sisters being your best friend for life.

It has been a great project so far meeting all the brothers and sisters, seeing how they interact, wondering what their future journeys will bring and how their relationships will develop.

We extend huge thanks and wish all the siblings who graciously volunteered to sit for us well on life's journey.'

Cole Watkins: @photoboothportraits

Nicola Parry: @parryphotoportraits