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Our small rooms are very popular as they are great for weekly sessions and classes, and are a cost effective way to run a regular group meeting. Rooms are roughly the same square footage and we can provide various facilities to ensure your booking runs smoothly!

Small Room Hire Charges

All of our small rooms are charged at the same hourly rates shown below:

Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm - 11.50 GBP inc. VAT

Monday - Friday 6pm - Midnight and Weekends - 17.50 GBP inc. VAT

Room 3

Size: 7.1m x 5.6m (39 sq m)

Facilities: White Board, 10 tables, 30 chairs

Capacity: 30 (theatre style) 24 (horse shoe classroom layout) 

Room 5

Size: 7.2m x 5.85m (42 sq m)

Facilities: White Board, Projector, 16 tables, 30 chairs 

Capacity: 30 (theatre style) 20 (boardroom)

Room 6

Size: 7.2m x 4.5m (32 sq m) 

Facilities: TV Screen, 19 chairs

Capacity: 25 (theatre style) 16 (boardroom)

Room 8

Size: 10m x 4.2m (40 sq m) 

Facilities: White Board, Projector, 10 tables, 30 chairs 

Capacity: 30 (theatre style) 20 (boardroom)

Booking availability

Please click on the link below to check room availability